Hi I'm Allie. I love cooking, eating, and talking about cooking and eating. Trivia games are maybe my favorite thing ever, except for great TV and books. I live in San Francisco and spend most of my free time here exploring the city and the Bay Area through it's hiking trails and amazing food culture. Why did I start a blog? I read many many outstanding food blogs daily that I love, and it's difficult to imagine I have anything original to add. But I talk nonstop to anyone who will listen to me about this favorite topic of mine, and most of what comes out of my mouth is original content, so I decided to finally start writing it down. My friends assured me they would love to read anything I wrote, so I'm taking them at their word on that (Hi guys)!  

What will you find here? General thoughts on food and how amazing it can be or not, thoughts on dishes I've made from other people's recipes, thoughts on recipes I've attempted to create, and sometimes, thoughts on life, generally. Probably just a lot of thoughts. You will likely be very interested if you, like me, are one of those people who plan their next meal while eating the last. I do my best to put up trustworthy recipes, but I'm also not shy about sharing my failures, and as a hobbyist food blogger with a full time job and an impatience to share, usually what you'll see are my creations after one or two attempts, because really, I just want to tell you about the fun food I'm cooking, and you get to take it wherever you want from there. Let's do this together! What won't you find here? Beets, fennel, raw fish, runny eggs, olives, or coffee. I do not understand how people eat these things. At all.