Sunday Suppers

There are a lot of recipes out there for “Easy Weeknight Meals” or “30 Minute Wonders” or basically anything in the Rachel Ray canon that will show you how to pull together an easy dinner in a relatively short amount of time, with minimal effort beyond a little chopping and stirring. 

Sometimes, though, I want to spend a few hours on a Sunday putting a little effort into my dinner. I want to take the time and go through some steps, and at the end of it I want to feel (hopefully) relaxed, or at the very least, accomplished. If the idea of a few hours of focus on one recipe doesn’t sound relaxing to you, that’s ok, but maybe you just want to feel instead like you learned something or crafted a meal that is “gourmet”. The point is the process as much as the result, to enjoy the act of cooking itself, and to treat yourself with a dinner that is comforting, calorie-full and special ahead of the tough work week to come.

We can worry about our arteries on Monday.