"Allie never posts."

In college I started a very short-lived food blog with one of my roommates. The sentence above was also the completely not exaggerated subtitle of our second blog post. In starting this blog, I'm going to try to keep that in mind as motivation to keep at this, although you could argue I'm already bucking the trend with this very first post. Victory!

What does one talk about in their very first blog post? I guess my first instinct would be to say "Hey, thanks for stopping by and reading!" That seems too much like directly addressing an audience, though, and since my total audience is made up of only my mother (as soon as I tell her this exists), that seems extra weird to me. But anyway. Based on what I love most to talk about, it's either going to be a description of something I recently cooked or how many steps I currently have on my fitbit. That second thing is most likely very boring to everyone except two of my friends*, so I'll maybe go with the first thing. 

What have I been cooking lately? Well, my office is about to begin a two-month weight loss challenge that I signed up for in an attempt to erase some of the evidence of my holiday indulgence, so mostly I've been allowing myself one last week of eating and drinking sugar, alcohol, and undocumented quantities of cheese and guacamole.  I also baked up some oatmeal sandwich cookies and apricot rosemary shortbread bars this past weekend, dug out the last of my smoked goat cheddar macaroni and cheese from the freezer, and allowed myself both IPA and buffalo wings at Trivia last night.  Honestly I'm feeling ready for a return to normal, which for me means a diet a little heavier on the veggies and a little lighter on the heavy cream and buffalo sauce. 

After the Super Bowl, of course.

I'd like to close out this first post by stating for the record that I did eventually write exactly one entry for that college food blog, on chicken noodle soup. I believe it was also the last entry on the blog ever, bringing our sad total of entries to three. Here's hoping I do better this time.

"Hey mom, thanks for stopping by and reading!"


*5,332 for today, 100,513 for the week so far, if you really want to know**. 

**You didn't.