Deviled Pickled Quail Eggs

Aren't these gorgeous?

Pickled Deviled Quail Eggs.jpg

Who doesn't love deviled eggs? Well, ok, my sister doesn't but she also doesn't like cream cheese so I think her judgment in the matter is best disregarded. But everyone else loves them, and with good reason. They are a perfect party/bar/appetizer/picnic food, and I'm loving that they have been so popular on menus in the last few years. Apparently, they also have earned their own holiday, and I'm ready to celebrate!

For the longest time I've wanted to try to make pickled quail eggs, despite the fact that the recipe I was introduced to and loved would necessitate bringing a vegetable most heinous into my kitchen, the beet. But I decided that these were tasty enough that that wasn't enough reason not to make them, especially once I got the idea in my head to devil them. In case you've never seen them, quail eggs are tiny, so tiny that they are unquestionably adorable but also a huge pain in the ass to work with. And so the idea of peeling two dozen of these, pickling them then slicing them open and carefully prying out their miniature yolks, only to cream them with mayo and mustard and pipe it all back into the shells, well it sounds insane, but it was the only option that seemed worthy to me of celebrating one of my most favorite foods.  

After a weekend soak in a spiced vinegar bath, with a just a little bit of heat from a pepper garnish, these guys are appropriately sour and cranky for a Monday. They are also shockingly pink thanks to some grated beet, and frankly just adorable due to their miniature size. If you are like me, and you always feel like you eat just that one deviled egg past the point of socially acceptable, you have no reason to worry. This addictive recipe makes a lot, and you can eat SO many before you ever need to wonder if people are judging you.

Happy National Deviled Egg Day!

Deviled Pickled Quail Eggs

24 pickled quail eggs (I used this recipe from Chowhound)
2-3 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tsp yellow mustard
pinch of salt
splash of pickle brine
chives (for garnish)
quick-pickled serrano peppers (for garnish, recipe below)

  1. Slice each egg in half lengthwise and gently scrape out the yolks into a small bowl. Combine the yolks with mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pickle brine and mash and stir together into a smooth paste. 
  2. Using a pastry bag or ziploc bag with one corner snipped off, fill each half with the yolk mixture. Garnish with chives and pickled serrano peppers, if using.

Quick-Pickled Serrano Peppers
2 serrano peppers, thinly sliced
1/4 cup rice vinegar
1/4 cup water
1 tsp sugar

  1. In a small saucepan over high heat, bring vinegar, water and sugar to a simmer until sugar is dissolved. Place the pepper slices into a heat-proof bowl and pour the vinegar mixture over the peppers. Let sit at least 30 minutes. Blot each slice dry on a cloth or paper towels before placing on the eggs.