Nerd Alert

This last week of April was representative of the rest of the month, in that I barely remember it but it somehow already happened, so I'll just welcome May with these little guys.

I bought some amazing Marvel super hero cookie cutters after The Avengers came out, and three years later I had yet to use them. Obviously, the release of Age of Ultron was the perfect excuse to bust them out, so I did, and went through all the trouble of dying ten different bottles of icing to decorate exactly four cookies. That might sound like a lot of work for so little but that's only because I haven't shared my love for Joss Whedon and his work in this space yet*. And anyway, there wasn't anything left after I ate the rest of the cookies while decorating these.

*And I may never, unless I one day find some Buffy cookie cutters and subject my precious pool of readers to what would undoubtedly be the first draft of my PhD dissertation.  

The upshot of waiting so long to use these cookie cutters is that now Spider Man is legally allowed to join the photo op, so I got to use all four of the cutters without risking retaliation from Sony.

But we can all agree on the most glaring omission: where the hell is Thor?

I guess even the merchandisers at Marvel are aware that you just cannot replicate Chris Hemsworth's beautiful locks on a cookie.