Friday Night Dinner

“It takes years of training to eat like we do.”—Lorelai Gilmore

She’s not wrong. It’s no small feat to consume calories like a Gilmore, but we are definitely going to try, because next week, we’ve got 6 hours of new Gilmore Girls to binge watch and there’s only one way to do it.

We’ve got Luke’s Burger, Danishes, Mucho Mac and Cheese, and Miss Patty’s Founders Punch to wash it all down, and we’re going to put them all together into the ultimate Friday Night Dinner, a feast worthy of our girls and one Emily would never allow to be served at her house.

Gilmore Girls Friday Night Dinner


Come on.

We are honoring Lorelai and Rory, those great eaters, medical marvels of genetic defense against obesity and Type II diabetes! 

You didn’t think we were going to stop with burgers, pastry, pasta, and punch, did you?

No, of course not. For this to be a true Gilmore feast, we’ve got to accessorize the meal with the other essentials: 


Red Vines!

Pop Tarts!


Cookie Dough!

Whipped Cream, straight outta the can!

I stopped there, because for us mere mortals, this is all probably enough, though if you feel up to the challenge, feel free to add more junk food and maybe the coffee you will need to restart your heart. 

Are you ready? Don’t be afraid. We can do this, as long as we skip the rolls, right?

You’re so ready. We eat at 7, don’t be late.

Gilmore Girls Feast

Friday Night Dinner

Put this all together with your favorite junk food, and you've got a feast to rival even the Bracebridge Dinner.

Luke's Burger & Fries (don't forget the salt & pepper dip!)

Cherry Cheese Danishes

Mucho Mac & Cheese

Miss Patty's Founders Punch